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Hello, my name is Edward Dunn. I have been in mobile entertainment since 2003 working for several companies learning the ropes behind the scenes, developing my own style and best practices with my current companies and that landed me here with Lighthouse Productions RI!

I stand out with my budget-conscious philosophy - a lot of a little is better than a little of a lot. My prices are very competitive for any event.  Quotes sent by email will include all applicable discounts and promotions and could end up lower than what is posted here.

Watching people be entertained by the work that I put into each event is my reason for doing what I do. Seeing each lucky couple at their wedding celebrate their special day is my enjoyment. We thrive on making that day all about them.

We only book one event per day. We make that day your day only. The role I have as the host is to ensure that the day is smooth and you are the priority.


 Weddings between $599 and $1399 Guaranteed!!!!! Thank you and I look forward for the chance to work with you.


To give you some background, I use what I call a door-to-door hourly rate scale. With that said, I don’t make a menu of prices to add $X for a ceremony or to add $X for cocktail hour or to add $X for lights or to add $X for additional equipment, my price is all-inclusive to do anything and everything you need because you’re the only event I do that day.

What I need from you to tailor your quote is an example of your timeline and answers to the questions below to see if any discounts apply. It doesn’t have to be exact times of day just lengths of time.

For an immediate quote click here 

Event date:

Location of venue:

How many hours you booked the venue:

Does that include the ceremony:

Do you have the ability to extend your time at the venue:

What do you and your other half do for work or career path in school:

How did you first meet:

I allow all Lucky Couples the ability to choose their music, allow for requests to be taken on-site, and we also provide music if needed.

A free consultation either by phone, email, video chat or in-person will provide a tailor-made quote for your event. When asked about pricing, all packages include a no-cost, no-obligation consultation prior to signing on, additional meetings to build and confirm program and playlist, a meeting at the venue (when possible), playlist guarantee, sound equipment, dance floor lighting, trained Emcee, up-lighting in Red, Blue, Green and Purple if requested. Other colors are charged per request.

Party and event $300.00 minimum.

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